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Application Form


Previous Training

Whats is your reason for training?
Do you have any medical conditions that would affect your ability to train?

All students must sign this waiver of claims and liability. By signing this waiver os claims and liability, the student, parent, or guardian acknowledges that have read this agreement and will be abide by all rules of WDC BJJ. Signing this waiver also means that the undersigned/student releases WDC BJJ. Signing this waiver also means that the undersigned/student releases WDC, BJJ, Deivid Dias, and its instructors from any liabylity in casa of injury or death from the instruction at WDC BJJ.

In consideration of being allowed to attend this Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Grappling/Kid's class, the undersigned/student acknowledges that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Grappling/Kid's class are physical activities and that participation may result in serious injury including deadh and/or other damage, due not onlye to present at these or other classes. Furthermore, I acknowlegde that there may be risks involved or in any way related to my participation in this Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Grappling/Kid's class. The undersigned/student, heirs, executors, and sucessors hereby waive clam os accidental or negligent damages or injury against WDC BJJ, Deivid Dias, its instructors, and any physical location where a WDC BJJ class is taught. The undersigned/student also certifies that they are/will be covered by a medical insuracne plan and will assume responsability for all bills/costs associaterd with injuries sustained while attending or participating in a WDC BJJ class or seminar.

Thank you!

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